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acquiring one and it’s use. Earnshaw Books has a close relationship to the China market, having published books for 16 years that deal with China from a variety of angles, and the company is registered in Hong Kong and uses Hong Kong ISBNs—that is, the internationally recognized book registration numbers that once upon a time, […]

China Fiction

by foreigners. Earnshaw Books gets sent a lot of manuscripts for review, probably two a week on average, and most of them are rejected because of quality issues or relevance, some because we simply cannot handle the load. A significant proportion of the manuscripts received are fictional works written by foreigners set in China, either […]

Foreign Devils

classic tales and memoirs that live on It’s now 16 years since Earnshaw Books was founded, and the first book which triggered the whole enterprise was a volume with the delightful title Foreign Devils in the Flowery Kingdom written by Carl Crow. I had been fascinated by the memoirs of foreigners living in China since I first arrived in Greater […]