• The Eunuch to be published in Chinese

    The Eunuch, written by China’s top foreign film actor Jonathan Kos-Read, is a murder-mystery whodunnit set in northern China in the 12th century, and features one of the darkest settings and one of the most intriguing plots I have ever come across. it was a pleasure to get it ready for publication, and it’s done

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  • Sudoku with a Chinese twist

    A quick sneak peak at our next book, to be launched on October 1 — it is called Chinese Sudoku, a title which sums it up pretty well. It is a book full of sudoku puzzles, but you have to fill them in with Chinese characters, not Arabic numerals. No ebook version for this title,

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  • It was 15 years ago today…

    It was 15 years ago today… well, not perhaps to the day, but certainly Earnshaw Books had its genesis in 2006 on the back of the China Economic Review, which at the time was a big operation. Since then we have published over 150 books, and have many more in the works. Earnshaw Books has

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